vegan coaching

Vegan Coaching

 Would you like to learn more about adopting a Vegan/Plant based diet and/or lifestyle? Whether you are completely new to the concept or experienced and simply looking for motivation and inspiration; whether you are going for a lifestyle makeover or simply desire to start taking steps toward getting healthier; whether it’s for your health, the animals, or the planet – There is no judgment, just encouragement. I can help!

I am Certified as a vegan health coach and a studying natural health practitioner.  I have been a vegetarian for 30 years, and vegan for 8. It is a constant learning process and I continue to move forward and evolve every day. It it has made a world of difference in my life and  I would be happy to share the tools, knowledge, resources and support to help integrate comprehensive change in your life and guide you on the path to a healthier you!

Private coaching

One on one custom coaching for anyone looking to embark on a vegan lifestyle in any capacity; whether to simply start to lean into it or switch to an entirely plant-based diet.

How it works:

Send me an email at and I will respond and send you a questionnaire to get an understanding of where you’re at, what your goals are and to learn a bit about your current habits, preferences, and any medical issues and food restrictions you may have. I will also ask you to keep a 1-week food log before your coaching session.

I’ll review your questionnaire and food log prior to our session, and make suggestions for sustainable changes. We’ll go over your nutritional needs, meal and snack options, pre- and post-workout nutrition, and more.

E-mail follow-up included with notes and resources.

60-MINUTE SESSION via: Skype, FaceTime, phone, in person $150

Group coaching and workshops:

Fees differ for group sessions and workshops. Please feel free to contact me,  with more details for an estimate at

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