The head, heart and gut are consider the 3 powerhouse brains of our body! 

The complexity of the neural networking between all three brains has been an ongoing discovery process throughout the history of humanity.

When you have to make a presentation or speech in front of a group, the feeling of butterflies fluttering around or a knotted stomach that happens.

When you’re in love or see your child and feel an explosive beam of love almost radiating from your heart. 

When your connecting with a friend whose seeking impute and each responses/messages that comes to mind flowed through out instead of you thinking about it. And it turns out to be exactly what they needed. 

One of the Keys to experiencing a fulfilling and healthy life; is maintaining a relationship with ALL 3 Brains of the Body. Through awareness, connection, proper nutrition and support you can strength the connection to all three.

Starting off each workshop of the series, Jennifer will be sharing some of her 20+ years of plant-based food + nutritional knowledge. Teaching us how we can use the power of plant-based food to help heal, strengthen and properly fuel each of our brains.

Jennifer is a Holistic Nutritionist/ Nutrithatherapy Practitioner with a fierce passion for nutritious and delicious food who focuses on plant based health. She always creating new ways to share her healing recipes, podcasts, and nuggets of knowledge on social with extreme excitement and love.

After learning about the power of plants with Jennifer we will transition into a gentle movement and mindfulness practice with Care. Care will be sharing some of her 20+ year of mindful awareness and movement practices. Teaching us how to stretch, connect and create a mindful awareness practice for each of our brains. 

Care is an Intuitive Consciousness Coach and Yoga + Breathwork Teacher. Her extreme passion for the combination of balance both physically and mentally; has her constantly creating different styles of content, classes and events in order to share her wisdom.

You will leave each workshop with:

Some nuggets of knowledge, nutritional facts + ideas, a movement or mindfulness practice and possibly craving a snack after working our brains and talking about delicious food! 

Time commitment: 90 mins  

Where: Anywhere on ZOOM⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀