I had been a vegetarian for 22 years when, in 2010,  I was struck by a near-fatal autoimmune disease, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, which led me to fighting fiercely for my life, with the help of 12 blood transfusions, heavy doses of steroids and several weeks in hospital.

After months and years of being followed carefully and repeated testing for various illnesses, my specialists explained to me that while there are a few possible reasons for why that happened to me, they were unable to conclude what the cause was.

“You are… lupus-y or lupus-ish… but the tests are inconclusive. There is something autoimmune going on but we’re not sure what, and honestly this flare-up may have been idiosyncratic”

At that point, not knowing what caused me to almost lose my life; knowing that this could happen to me again, at any point without provocation, I decided to find learn everything I could possibly do to best support my immune system and stop this sort of thing from every happening to me again.

A plant based diet was a big part of the answer to my question.

It is a constant learning process and with each thing I learn about living a vegan lifestyle, and the positive impacts that has on health, animals and the environment, the more inspired I become. I passionately continue to move forward and evolve every day. It it has made a world of difference in my life and  I am happy to share the information I have, my thoughts, and so many tasty recipes with all of you!

If you are exploring a vegetarian lifestyle there is information about what I offer as a vegan coach HERE.

All the recipes on Sweet Vegan are meat and dairy free. Enjoy!

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    My name is Gabrielle Boyle and I am a representative for Fair Winds Publishing. We are interested in sending you a great new book that we have published for review. The Book is titled The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen 150 Plant-Based Recipes from around the World. If you could please send your contact information (review contact name, e-mail, street address, etc.) that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Gabrielle Boyle
    Editorial Intern
    Fair Winds Publishing Group
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    P: 978.282.3514

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