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Jen Of All Trades Master Of Sprouts

I buy a lot of sprouts  and I always feel guilty tossing the plastic box in the bin when it’s empty.

I think often of making my own sprouts but never get around to it.

Never got around to it… up until now, that is!

Check it out!!

Such immediate gratification can’t be good for anyone can it?

Day 1. I put the beans in a glass jar and covered in cheese cloth and soaked them for 2 hours in water. I continued to rinse and drain the beans twice a day for 5 days.

Day 2. The beans grew little sprout tails.

Day 3. They are already edible!

Day 4. I’m beaming with pride and can barely contain my excitement.

Day 5. The jar is full of real-live, full-grown sprouts!!

That I ate on my salad for supper.

And then named myself Sprout Master.

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