Vegan In Brooklyn

I spent last weekend in New York and I have to tell you how completely impressed I was by the variety and quality and tastiness of the vegetarian food there.

Even the corner stores in Brooklyn are packed with organic and vegan-friendly snacks and meals.

We ate at one of my all-time favourite restaurants, Wild Ginger, which is always an exquisite Thai explosion of textures and flavours. The Jade Mushrooms are OUT OF THIS WORLD crazy good. Seriously.
I wish my photos had turned out because (it was a bit too dark and my camera isn’t so great) not only were they delicious, but the dishes were beautiful and decorated with gorgeous edible flowers.

We had omelettes at Food Swings, which is a vegan diner type stop, right in the heart of Williamsburg, that serves breakfasts, burgers, “fish” n chips, and Milkshakes. The breakfast was pretty tasty.

We ate at Bliss Cafe, which honestly wasn’t my favourite, but the Quesadilla wasn’t too bad and Franky loved the BBQ Tempeh.

We also had the absolute pleasure, thanks to the Sheryl Yvette’s excellent suggestion, of brunching at Champs, where I ordered and devoured the “Eggs” Benedict. The serving was too big to finish but it was undeniably delicious. I could pretty much move to the states just to be close to Champs. Did I mention they make a mean Soy Latte?

I’m not going to lie. I mourned my losses all the way home from New York. Farewell Big Apple, until we eat again…

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