Taste Nirvana

As you may know, my last attempt at coconut water was a bit of a fail.

But let me tell you… a beautiful thing has happened since.

The good people at Taste Nirvana, after reading my blog, and out of the goodness of their coco-nutty hearts, were kind enough to send me 3 bottles of their coconut water to try out.
I’m not going to lie. I was hesitant. But I love coconut so very much and I so wanted to love coconut water and what if Taste Nirvana was The one?

And also, who in their right mind would turn a blind eye to Happiness In A Bottle?

Taste Nirvana

The package arrived in the mail about a month ago but life was so stressful and hectic and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit down and truly honestly and mindful savour the moment and write about it yet, so I saved the precious green bottles for weeks, with strict warnings to all of my children, to keep their mittens off the Nirvana in the fridge OR ELSE!

Well, the weekend of July first arrived and with it, it brought Moving Day.

It was a hot and sweaty day. We were running up and down stairs, driving back and forth from one address to the other. The boxes were flying, the sweat was pouring and the beer was disappearing faster than ice on the Sahara.

Finally, I heaved my aching body up the last flight of stairs, last box in hand. I crawled out to the back patio, where I found my boyfriend – Empty little green bottle in hand.

“That coconut water stuff is so good!”

And I died a little bit inside. Especially because he drank the one with the pulp in it. I love pulp.

I, obviously, chained,, locked and duc taped the refrigerator door closed and plastered it with Crime Scene signs.

And the next day…

Before Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

After Taste Nirvana Coconut Water

*Insert the sound of Angels voices*

I’m pretty sure the pulpy water would have been my favourite if somebody hadn’t robbed me of it. I was excited about he idea of Coconut water with Aloe because I could drink an ocean of Aloe water (it’s that good people) but it was a bit saltier than the regular Coconut water, which I LOVED!

In case just tasting awesome wasn’t enough, Taste Nirvana coconut waters are made of natural ingredients, contain essential electrolytes, have zero cholesterol AND they are caffeine and preservative -free!

I know right?!?

Taste Nirvana, you give and you give… And I thank you for that. And also, for restoring my faith in Coconut Water.

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