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Chai Tea

Vegan Chai Tea

Chai Tea

Recipe by Jennifer-June


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  • 8 green cardamom pods

  • 2 cinnamon sticks, broken into small pieces

  • 3-5 whole cloves

  • 1 Tbsp allspice berries

  • 1 Tbsp dried ginger, sliced

  • 8 or 10 black peppercorns

  • 4 whole star anise

  • 2 tablespoons loose leaf black tea, 2 tea bags

  • 1 cup plant based milk of your choice

  • 2–3 teaspoons sweetener of your choice (maple syrup, sugar, agave etc.) *optional


  • Use mortar and pestle, spice grinder or rolling pin, lightly crack seeds and break spices to allow them to release their flavour.
  • Place all the spices in 2 generous cups of water, in a pot, and bring to a boil.
  • Turn the off heat and let it steep at least 10 minutes and up to a few hours hours. The longer it steeps, the more flavourful it will er!
  • Add your choice of milk. Bring to alight simmer, stir in your choice of sweetener to taste, and serve hot.
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