The Vegan Blues

Have you ever heard of the vegan blues? I was kind of hoping I  had made them up. Not the feeling, but the name for it. There are two kinds actually. 1. Which I have already posted about,  overcomes you as you start to learn more and more aboutwhat it is you were putting into […]

Self-Care by cooking

It is meditative, creative and grounding, and it’s the one act that feels more like self-care to me than any other. Taking an Epsom salt bath, getting a massage or a pedicure, taking a mental health day; all these things are priceless, but…
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Vegan and Vegetarian FAQ Q. Aren’t humans natural carnivores? A. Actually, a vegetarian diet suits the human body better than a diet that includes meat. Carnivorous animals have claws, short digestive tracts, and long, curved fangs. Humans have flat, flexible nails, and our so-called “canine” teeth are minuscule compared to those of carnivores and even […]