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Self-Care by cooking

There are three things that make me feel 100% in my element. One is spending time with my daughters. Another is on stage. The other is preparing and cooking food.⁣
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It is meditative, creative and grounding, and it’s the one act that feels more like self-care to me than any other. Taking an Epsom salt bath, getting a massage or a pedicure, taking a mental health day; all these things are priceless.⁣
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But cooking makes me feel most like I am physically and actively taking care of my own self, by paying very close attention to and by being 100% aware of what it is exactly that I am putting into my body. I am not only making informed choices, but I am doing it with love and attention.⁣
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An added bonus, if you’re passionate about food, is that cooking can also be a beautiful (and delicious) way to channel your creativity.⁣
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This is one of the reasons I love coaching people who are interested in incorporating vegan values into their lives. It’s so fun to help and inspire people and it’s easy to do when it’s about something I love doing so much.⁣
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