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Sweet Vegan Valentine eBook Give-Away!

I love Valentine’s day! The cards, the cakes, the cookies, and the love. Whether it’s celebrated by, hosting an intimate dinner for friends and family, bringing breakfast in bed to that guy who steals all the covers, or baking cupcakes so magical that they’ll make any girl fall head over heals in love with you […]

Merida Anderson

Chef Mérida Anderson

Chef Mérida is the mastermind Chef behind Vancouver, Montreal and Brooklyn’s Vegan Secret Supper. I have had the absolute pleasure of attending, two of these suppers and both experiences were absolute bliss. The food was 5 star; from the local and organic ingredients, to the sophisticated matching of flavours and beautiful plating. Chef Mérida is […]

Appetite for Reduction

New Vegan Cookbook Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of one of my favorite vegan cookbooks ever, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, has a new book Appetite for Reduction. “A simmering pot of aromatic curry bursting with color, pasta smothered in plenty of creamy pesto, a stick-to-your-ribs chili, crispy onion rings with a juicy center, or […]

Santa is going vegan this year…

If I were true to my punk-rock roots I’d tell you that Halloween was my favorite time of year. If I were true to my ambivalence about religion I would tell you that baby Jesus wasn’t even born in December and that X-Mas was just created by the church to remind you that even though […]