1. “I also don’t understand how drinking human milk vs cow’s milk is inhumane for a HUMAN baby. FYI cows are also vegans so I’m guessing they are also child abusers.”

    This made me laugh!

    Countless numbers of meat eaters have killed their babies through not caring for their child’s basic food and health needs. But you never read “meat eaters kill baby!” in the papers. Why? Because that would give omni’s a bad name. But the second some idiot that happens to be vegan does something wrong, you can bet your life that it’ll be front page news. “Cause of death: veganism”. no. cause of death: stupidity.

    /end rant

    • Jennifer-June

      In their defense, vegans do hate babies.
      I only fed mine (all three of them) solid food because I needed them to be strong enough to do the dishes and scrub the floors with their toothbrushes.

  2. Humans are omnivores, even if you feed a cow meat, by its DNA, it will be an omnivore.

    Vegans say we have no natural adaptions to eat meat,but do we have special adaptations to graze and get fruits from trees?No,we use tractors and tools to get our veggies/fruits out of the wild.We have a special adaptation most animals do not have:high intelligence. And you say we marinate meat with veggies to make it taste like veggies, no, we marinate it to give it flavor because we have intelligence & food is no longer just survival, taste and formulas matter,&,humans used to eat raw meat and dirty fruit, but we evolved so much to our tool filled enviroment that we now can only eat cooked meat since we invented fire,& cleaned and harvested veggies since we made the hoe and used work animalslong ago. And and try to rip a potato out of the ground, & eat it, right there & then. Not very good, is it? Whats that? Why of course you got sick from the dirt and germs. But we have these things called tools & intelligence, & from evolution to make things our bodies are not adapted to bearable. But evolution forgot you, it seems. “Kill with your fangs”. Graze and eat from trees with your super long neck, toe fingers, monkey tail, and 5 stomaches, dumbass. Oh, and another animal that eats like people? The otter. I see no fangs, claws, or crushing strenth on those. But they are intelligent, and use rocks to crack open clams. You can’t say it is not natural for otters to eat clams.

    • Jennifer-June

      I would respond to your questions but it’s clear you’re not looking for information, and that you’re only looking for an argument.

      But I will say that unfounded argument and name-calling ( it’s spelled dumb-ass by the way) probably isn’t the best example of this evolution and intelligence that you speak of.

      If you’re ever starving in the bush, without sight of a grocery store, there is more than just potatoes eat. Carrots are great right out of the ground. So are tomatoes, peppers, peas, cucumber and most other vegetables – not to mention almost every fruit on earth.

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