Celebrity Vegans

Vegan reality show is casting

Are you a married vegan with omnivorous in-laws?

Do your spouse’s parents pretend they can’t pronounce vegetarian products in an attempt to prove how ridiculous they are?

Do your in-laws fain concern about your protein and iron intake?

Do they poke fun at your Tofurky on Christmas while inhaling a Cipâte stuffed Cornish game hen wrapped in a chicken; wrapped in a duck; wrapped in a goose; wrapped in a goat; wrapped in a pig; wrapped in an donkey?


You might you be the next big reality-TV star and the recipient of $7,000 for your trouble.

Producers of a new docu-series are seeking vegan couples whose in-laws drive them crazy.

“We are looking for dynamic, animated and outgoing couples who want to strengthen their relationship with their in-laws and learn about each other’s quirks and differences.”

Good luck and keep us posted if you make the audition!

For more information, call Pamela Hartman at 212-564-2607 #2391 or email inlawcasting@gmail.com

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