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Are condoms vegan?

While, according to my research, Trojan Naturalamb condoms seem to be the only condom on the North American market that is made from natural membrane, there is a milk protein used in the manufacturing of latex for many condoms.

Have no fear you sexy vegans, Glide condoms are free of any animal by-products and, for those of you who like the taste of cola scented latex, are “available in 5 fun and fruity colours and flavours”…

Condomi is a large European condom manufacturer that uses cocoa powder instead of casein in their condoms but their web site states that they are a whole sale only company and there is a £100 minimum so if you’re a shop owner, a newlywed or in heat this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

While I have yet to experience the joy of Glide or Condomi, of all the condoms I have tried in my life, my absolute favorites are RFSU condoms from Sweden. Hands down.
Massage isn’t the only thing those Swedes have down to an art.

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