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Would you still need me, would you still feed me…

I recently came across a forum thread written by a vegan woman who is dating a butcher.


That’s right, you heard me.

She says she is totally fine with it and it doesn’t bother her one bit. Of course there were plenty of  commenters with plenty to say including anything from “really?” to “YOU’RE DATING A MURDER!!!”

I’m not going to lie. My boyfriend eats meat and despite my unconditional love, utmost respect for his right to chose blah blah blah it’s been the subject of tension between us on more than one occasion.

We don’t fight over it or anything. He doesn’t decorate with taxidermy and mink throws and rarely cooks whole boars on the kitchen spit and I don’t parade around the house with placards pasted with before and after photos of veal calves. He won’t convert but I won’t buy, cook or serve meat and it’s no secret that I really REALLY don’t like seeing it in my house.

I am fortunate enough to be an early riser so if I race him for the kitchen time things right I get meals planned, made and on the table in front of him before he has time to open both his eyes in the morning let alone get hungry.

On the one hand…

I totally get that some people conceptualize things differently than others, that we are all raised in different environments with different values, that not everyone sees things the same way etc…

On the other hand…

I don’t want dead animal in my house.

Not because I’m a self-righteous control freak ( at least not all the time ) as much as because I just don’t want the product of animal cruelty, fear, pain, agony, and death on my table while I’m trying to enjoy my supper let alone in the space where I create, meditate, eat, sleep and raise my children.

The butcher-lover thread and the onslaught of stone throwing and disgust got me wondering… where do veggie-loving-only vegetarians find other vegans to get cozy with?

I mean, if the pickings aren’t so great at the farmer’s market and the waiter at the Commensal buffet is married…

I actually googled vegan dating and discovered, to my genuine surprise, about a bazillion dating sites geared directly at Vegetarian singles looking for love.

*To name a few

Have any of you tried these or similar sites?

Where do you stand on veggies dating omnivores?

Where did you find your veggie-loving-lover?

*I do not utilize, subscribe to, support or encourage use of any of the above dating services. I’m only mentioning them as an example so if you join one, fall in love, get your heartbroken into a billion pieces please don’t blame me and/or hate me forever.

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4 Comments on “Vegan Dating

  1. I’m a vegetarian married to an omnivore. And he hunts. Gross. To be fair, I did not convert to vegetarianism until we had already been married for five years. But I know he will never convert. He does, however, eat whatever I cook, and when he cooks, he makes me a substitute meat product. So we eat plenty of vegetarian meals as a family. That’s about the best that I can hope for, I guess. He’s an amazing husband and father, but he is a meat-eater. He supports my choice, and I respect his decision (though I don’t like it one bit).

  2. Yes, I have tried most of the dating sites above and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE They have a huge database of veggie and vegan members (I think the largest of all you mention above) and there are some great features on the site like their mutual matching, compatibility test and sexual IQ.

    I have met some great friends, some from across the globe (I’m going to take a trip to Australia to meet a woman I met on Planet Earth Singles….as friends) AND I have met an incredible man that I’m dating exclusively. I think he is the ONE. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Planet Earth Singles and I highly recommend them to anyone “green”, vegetarian, vegan. I wish everyone the best in their search. It’s wonderful to be in love!

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