How to renew your Collagen Naturally

 Let’s talk  about the superpower protein, Collagen ! Its magic is like a gift from the heavens (but not really because your body actually makes it all by its own sweet self) that keeps you radiantly beautiful from head to toe. It is a type of protein that’s found in your connective tissue, cartilage, bone, […]

Gut Healthy Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods

Most cultures (if not all) in the world have some form of fermented foods on their traditional menus, from German Sauerkraut to Mexican Escabeche, Japanese Miso, Korean Kimchi, Ethiopian Injera, to even our very own highly celebrated and widely appreciated Sourdough Bread. And there’s more… soooooo much more.⁣⁣You’ve probably heard that fermented foods are great […]