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Sweet Vegan Spills The Tea Podcast – Season One Episode Seven – Skin Deep

We’re talking outbreaks, oily skin, dry skin, damaged skin, premature ageing, This episode we explore some of the habits and foods that are most detrimental to the body’s largest organ and we dig into what a holistic approach to skincare looks like. I reveal 5 of the most important things you need to be putting into and doing to your body to keep your skin healthy gorgeous and glowing.  

Sweet Vegan is a Nutrition and Holistic Health podcast, hosted by Holistic Nutritionist / Nutritherapy Practitioner, vegan nutritionist, and studying Nutratherapy Practioner and Naturopath, Jennifer Chapman.

 Jennifer, after surviving a near-fatal autoimmune disease, adopted dramatic nutrition and lifestyle changes during recovery and has been researching nutrition and its effect on every aspect of our health; from our gut to our mental health, hormones, neurological system, and immune system, and beyond. We’re talking about food, remedies, lifestyle hacks and so much more! 

For your free 15-minute holistic health and wellness consultation, or f you would like more information about my nutrition coaching services or have any plant-based nutrition questions,⁣ you can reach us at ⁣ Audio version wherever podcasts are available For detailed show notes, visit

Plant Based Whole Food sources of Zinc

Alkalizing and Acidifying Foods Chart

Natural Remedies for Seborrheic Dermatitis (Dandruff) 

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