Holistic Nutritionist

Showing Up For You

A Holistic Approach to building a Food & Fitness Foundation Without the Overwhelm

This 10-week series is designed to empower you to build a sustainable personal foundation, by building self-awareness, identifying triggers and overcoming obstacles, recognizing patterns and recovering your intuition. We have created a set of tools to help you show up for yourself, set and meet sustainable fitness and nutritional goals and feel your best and a manageable pace.

Key Components:


In order to shift our mindset around food and fitness we need to understand WHY it is important to make necessary changes in order to live a long and healthy life. Here, we’ll ask the hard questions to understand our relationship with food, exercise and ourselves. These segments are designed to help you establish your internal motivators. Each week you will receive a form to review your progress in a judgement-free space; what went well, what didn’t, and plan for the week ahead.


This program will take a holistic approach to fitness as we explore further WHY exercise is important for disease prevention and activities of daily life. We will go over key elements of form for injury prevention and various modifications. 

Workouts will be delivered in a progressive format beginning in week three with core, stability and bodyweight-only movements. In week seven we will introduce proper form using dumbbells and dumbbell workouts. This is NOT a program for someone who is expecting 45 minute High-Intensity Training. Our goal is to help you build a foundation of learning to love and be consistent in your fitness while understanding the importance of exercise and how it fits into your life.


The nutrition segments will begin with a reunion with your intuition and the practice of mindful eating, all with the support of food journaling and some simple exercises in the Showing Up for You workbook.  We’ll then dig into the food itself, by examining the quality and roles of the ingredients we are eating, and learning how to read and understand food labels and daily dietary intake recommendations. Jennifer is going to fill your toolbox with easy-to-use meal plans, grocery lists and meal prep tips and guide you through an exploration of the relationship between food and your mood (and cravings), and learn how to shift away from the foods that are harmful, and shift towards the ones that are healing.  What used to feel like work and whelm will shift into feeling natural to you in no time!

Brought to you by Personal Trainer and Behaviour Change Coach, Adelade Genevieve Madeline & Nutritherapist / Holistic Nutritionist, Jennifer Chapman

What You’ll Get:

  • 10+ hours of Behaviour Change, Exercise and Nutrition Workshops
  • The 10-week ‘Showing Up for Me’ writing exercise and reflection workbook
  • 10+ hours of LIVE virtual group coaching calls
  • Unlimited access to the AGM bank of members-only instructional fitness videos
  • 4 live stream meal prep workshops and unlimited access to the HNNH members-only bank of recording
  • 4-week meal plan with alternatives and grocery lists
  • 1 Printable PDF habit tracker
  • 24/7 access to a private, supportive community group via What’sApp

Total Value = $2,229

Our Price = $849 (payment plans available)

(Afterpay available starting at $212.25)