Diet and Lifestyle Journal and Tracker (printable pdf)



This food and lifestyle journal and tracker was originally created because I couldn’t find existing tools that would best fit the needs of my Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health clients. Since its conception, I have added tools that I use in my own daily journaling practice, as well as some suggestions from friends and family, and it has evolved to become a tool that can be useful for anyone on a path to improve and maintain healthy habits and nutrition and lifestyle habits.

The date is customizable, for those who don’t track every day, so they won’t be left with wasted pages.

Our bodies are designed to maintain and, when needed, restore health. They’re also really great at preventing illness and injury if we treat them right.

This job is made much easier for our bodies to adequately do when we adhere to what is referred to as the principles of natural hygiene. And keeping these principles in mind can be really helpful when setting your goals and intentions for the week.

Ten of the most important principles of natural hygiene are:

1. Proper Nutrition
2. Pure water
3. Comfortable environmental temperature 4. Environment free of poisons & pollutants 5. Adequate quality sleep

6. Clean air

7. Exercise 8. Sunshine

9. Play
10. Rest & Relaxation

I wish you all the best on your journey to optimal health and happiness and feel honoured to be a part of it. Be kind to yourself along the way, take time to acknowledge the steps you have taken, and remember to treat yourself for the work you have done.

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