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My World Vegan Month Gift to You 4 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan

Vegan Meal Plan

We’re in week 4 of World Vegan Month and it’s been a pretty great one for me so far.

​I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from people who are 100% plant based to omnivores looking for help to make a shift toward eating more plants and/or more whole foods, and people struggling with issues from kidney stones to IBS to a handful of autoimmune issues.

​I received the final version of our gorgeous new logo, AND

​I also led my first ever virtual/online group nutrition workshop! Woohoo!

​I am cheering loudly for all of you who have taken this month on as a challenge to take steps toward better health, for your self, your families,  and the planet. 

Your trust in me, your willingness to share your stories and your open hearts and mind have been such a great gift.

​So! In the spirit of giving, I’m offering everybody and anybody who wants it, a free 4 day meal plan with recipes and a grocery list. 

​Happy World Vegan Month!


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