How Not To Diet

How Not To Diet

So many people want to know how to lose weight, but don’t want to “sacrifice” or feel like they are “depriving” themselves. 

​Well guess what. The best weight loss plan is not to “diet” but to simply have a healthy diet and healthy habits.

​I know, that’s not nearly as exciting as an app or a sticker book or a magic berry, pill, tea or celebrity guru, but it’s the truth.

​When people tell me that they don’t want to deprive themselves and they are talking about healthy whole foods, I say DON’T!! Why would you? 

​But when they tell me they don’t want to deprive themselves and they’re talking about foods that are packed with refined sugars, saturated fats, corn syrup, bleached flours, artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours and phosphates… 

​I have to wonder if they know that what they’re really restricting, or depriving themselves of, is damage to the immune system,  high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac disease, inflammation, cancers, autoimmune disorders, joint pain, brain fog etc…

When somebody tells me they don’t want to deprive themselves because they can’t live without their Doritos/Pepsi/FrootLoops/Oreos/Mars Bar/Kraft singles (which contain natamycin btw –  an anti-fungal agent that also is used to treat fungal eye infections- yummmmmm),

​I feel like I’m listening to a smoker or addict saying that they don’t want to quit because they don’t want to “deprive” themselves.

​You’re not depriving yourself. You’re saving yourself. Don’t stop eating those things to lose weight, (although you probably will) stop eating them because they’re literally poison. 

​If you’d like more info on exactly why and how some of your favourite foods negatively impact your health, I HIGHLY recommend Dr Michael Greger’s book How Not To Diet. 

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