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Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year!

New years. A time to sit down and evaluate what’s working and what’s not and what you’re going to do about it.

My list was long this year but one of the things that definitely is working for me is Sweet Vegan and all of you awesome readers.

I know many people will make the decision to become vegetarian or vegan or even just to eat less meat this year and I hope Sweet Vegan help make that resolution easier to stick to.

We’re going to keep the delicious vegan recipes coming, continue to update you on green/vegan products and events and encourage you to contribute in every possible way. We’re loving all the feedback and suggestions and looking forward to seeing the Sweet Vegan community blossom this year.

We have merchandise on its’ way, video clips to share, a cookbook in the works and interviews with a handful of brilliantly inspiring vegans who want to share a little bit of their path with all of us.

Welcome to another year of Sweet Vegan!

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