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Going Postal

So…. in June here in Canada, the Postal workers went on strike, sending a good part of the country into a bit of a snit.
I honestly didn’t miss receiving utility bills or messages from local politicians or wasteful envelopes stuffed with coupons for carpet cleaning, glasses frames and hot chicken delivery.

But many people were pretty frustrated about missing paperwork, late passports, lost family allowance checks etc…

I imagine the ones who were the most put out were the bees stuck in a Montreal postal plant destined for a honey farmer in Quebec.

“If we didn’t receive them by today or tomorrow it was almost certain they would die,” Vacher said, adding that the loss would have been in the thousands of dollars because of reduced honey production.

Apparently, before shutting down for the strike, non-union staff verified all Canada Post plants to make sure there were no parcels with live animals inside them but missed a box of bees because they weren’t marked with any warning that they contained live animals .

➁”We had chicks, we had crickets, we had all kinds of animals in our system,” Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier said, adding it’s likely that leeches and reptiles are also among the missing.

Strike or no strike, anyone who has received a parcel in the mail knows how delicately (not) those packages are treated and I am embarrassed to admit that, in all ignorance, didn’t know that we still shipped living creatures via the post.

When looking up the details on this article I found several more.

There was a story about a postal worker who heard noises coming from a package at the post office and, after opening said package, found 4 live ducklings inside.

There are many stories of baby chicks being mailed in the dead of winter and dying from the cold before delivery.

I found web sites selling reptiles, one of which asks “Please be sure that your paypal address matches the shipping address for your animal so no one gets lost in the mail.”

People please!

Bees and chicks are not ours to possess, breed, toss in boxes and hope for the best.

Ducks, salamanders and bunnies are not cute little toys born purely for our own amusement.

I am begging you.

Please, please, please, do NOT mail order them.


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One comment on “Going Postal

  1. I can’t understand how someone can have the guts to use the mail to send a live animal, that’s just so irresponsible and just plain awful 🙁

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