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Georges Dutil

Montreal artist, editorial and portrait photographer, Georges Dutil has been photographing passionately for 48 years.

He has worked for many well known papers and magazine’s in Quebec and photographed many artists, such as Bob Walsh, Nanette Workman, Pierre Lalonde, Mitsou, Dubmatique, Samantha Fox,
and Laurence Jalbert, to name just a few.

From the surreal and almost futuristic shots, to the ones that almost haunt you from the depths of a far away past, all of his photos are so clearly from the the same family, unmistakably his.
They draw you in and make you feel almost as though you were right there. From the stage of a cabaret, to the streets of Hochelaga Maisonneuve, to the galley of an old abandoned



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You can follow Georges, or see more of his work here:

Jennifer June: Georges, can you give me a bit of a background on how you became a photographer?

Georges: Well, when I was a small kid, my parents would let me have the family camera and take pictures on our vacation. But that didn’t last very long because I would be “wasting film” by taking pictures of strangers, which didn’t sit too well with my parents. So, move ahead to when I was around 18, thick headed, I didn’t want to copy other photographers, so I would spend time in museums and learned light and composition from the masters. Movies were also a big influence on what I do. Studied theater for 4 years and started taking pictures of plays, and never looked back.

Jennifer June: Do you have a favourite theme or subject you like to shoot?

Georges: Everything inspires me, I’m constantly bombarded by images that catch my attention. I’m a bit like a child seeing things for the first time, all the time.

Jennifer June: Tell me about your creative process.

Georges: I don’t really have a routine, I let the day decide where it will take me, ideas come to me at all times. I continually have projects come up in my mind, sometimes it scares me that I won’t have the time to do it all. Some are long in the making, others are quick and have to be done practically on the spur of the moment.

I never have to force myself! When I started out, I told myself that I would be doing this as long as I would enjoy myself doing it, and I derive more pleasure now, taking pictures, than I ever did. So there seems to be no end insight.

Jennifer June: Since my original decision to convert to vegetarianism and then later to a vegan, my reasons and motivations for doing so have changed.
How long have you been a vegan, what inspired you to do it and how (if) has your philosophy evolved since then?

Georges: It’s relatively new to me, I’ve only started about 4 months ago, but I feel that I won’t be going back to my old ways. Health wise there’s been a tremendous change, I have ulcerative colitis and it used to poison my days. I was always bloated and had to stay pretty much close to home. Now, I have lost weight, my energy level has gone up and I don’t feel bloated anymore.

Jennifer June: Do you find that certain aspects of your life changed as a result of becoming a vegan?

Georges: Definitely, I’m a freer man now. Trying all kind of new recipes, I’m cooking for myself and deriving great pleasure in doing so. I practically never cooked before apart from ready made stuff from the store. And mostly junk at that. Now I find that cooking for myself is a sign that I love myself enough to take care of myself.

Jennifer June: I LOVE that you said that, about feeling like it’s a sign that you love youreself enough to take care of yourself. That’s EXACTly how I felt when I embarked on a vegan lifestyle. Speaking of which, since becoming vegan, I’ve had some really strange and silly questions and accusations thrown my way. Are there any
misconceptions that you’ve had to clear up for people who questioned your decision to change your lifestyle?

Georges: Biggest one is, don’t you find it hard transitioning from animal and dairy products to a plant based diet? No way! It’s easy when everything you try tastes great, the change is all for the better. You just have to go out there and find these amazing vegan blogs full of incredible recipes. Just Google vegan and a new world of taste will open up to you.

Jennifer June: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement to give to people who are just embarking on or are curious about trying a vegan lifestyle?

Georges: Just jump right in and don’t be afraid to try new stuff, there’s a world taste that you probably haven’t discovered yet that will make you very happy. Don’t be afraid you won’t be lacking in protein or fiber or anything. Keep your plate filled with colorful food and you can’t go wrong.

Jennifer June: What are some of your favourite vegan indulgences?

Georges: Chili sin carne and vegan parmesan cheese, I could eat this six times a week.

This Chili recipe is my favorite, don’t even think I’ve eaten better even with meat, this one is a killer.

Jennifer June: If you could go to any restaurant in any city in the world and order any vegan dish… what would it be and where?

Georges Gumbo at Seed in New-Orleans

Jennifer June: Do you have a favourite recipe you would like to share with our readers?

Fusilli and brussel sprouts
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  1. Fusilli
  2. Brussel sprouts
  3. 1/4 Cup Bragg
  4. 3/4 Cup Water
  5. Simply natural Fra Diavolo spaghetti sauce ( or whatever sauce you have available) to taste.
  6. Salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste
  1. Cook pasta according to package instructions.
  2. Steam cook brussel sprouts in bragg and water.
  3. Add Salt, pepper and garlick powder.
  4. When brussel sprouts are tender, add to pasta with spaghetti sauce
  5. Sprinkle with vegan parmesan on top and mix all together.
  6. Serve immediately or cold as a salad.
Sweet Vegan Living
Brussel Sprout Fusilli - Photo by Georges Dutil
Brussel Sprout Fusilli – Photo by Georges Dutil
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