Dior has gone vegan!

But only for celebrity vegan Natalie Portman. Apparently she had some initial apprehension about signing on to be the face of the Miss Dior Cherie fragrance but John Galliano’s team had cruelty-free versions of their Dior shoes made especially for her.

“One of the things that’s been so nice is that Dior made all of the shoes for me with no animals and no leather or anything, because I don’t wear any leather.” said Nathalie, who a line of vegan shoes for Te Casan in 2008. “They remade all my shoes so I can wear Dior shoes without taking lives.”

Considering the publicity generated by it, maybe it’s not such a bad thing but at first I wondered why Nathalie would want to represent a company that sells leather shoes at all. I mean, they may have re-made them vegan style just for her but only so she’ll represent their perfume. Can anyone actually buy vegan Dior shoes?

What are your thoughts? Is it worth representing non-vegan companies if it means getting some exposure for the cause?

According to astrostar.com Dior does no test on animals but I found plenty of contradicting information on the internet. Does anybody have a link with more info?

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