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The Beautiful Black Radish

I’ve only just tried Black Radish for the first time this week. I find them gorgeous to look at and they taste great!

Black radish is a little tougher than red radish, they remind me of a cross between a daikon and a beet. I know that’s not the most helpful description but they really speak for themselves so you should just try them and see!

Aside from being a beautiful (if you find little black balls of vegetable that look like wood as beautiful a I do) root that adds a striking aesthetic compliment to many dishes, the black radish also apparently has many uses that are beneficial for the health, inside and out. I’m not a radish expert but here are a few of its uses according to my research:

Treats and prevents cold and cough

According to Chinese herbology. Radishes can help dispel phlegm, quench thirst, and even reduce a cough. Radishes are abundant in vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium and help improve the immune system and nutrient absorption.

Promotes Healthy Beautiful Skin

Black radish is rich source of Vitamin-B complex, zinc, phosphorus, etc. It works as an effective blood purifier and eliminates all sorts of toxins as well as waste materials from our body. As a result, our overall skin health is improved.

Black radish also boasts of having plenty of natural antioxidants. It contains a high level of Vitamin C  as well as a number of other compounds crucial for our skin to fight against aging. 

Helps regulate blood pressure

 Radish also provides your body with potassium, which can help lower your blood pressure, and keep your blood flow in control, especially if you are known to suffer from hypertension. According to Ayurveda, radish is believed to have a cooling effect on the blood.

Helps reduce hair fall 

 The black radish apparently has properties that stimulate hair roots, enhancing the circulation of blood throughout the scalp and apparently also strengthens the hair shaft


Helps regulate Cholesterol

Some sources say that one of the best medicinal uses of radish is that it actively participates in the circulation and metabolism of fat in the body. It makes the liver functional and active. This triggers fat circulation and metabolism. The liver absorbs cholesterol before it gets deposited in the adipose tissues and arterial walls. It filters the impurities and processes the fat further. The process keeps on repeating. This eliminates fat accumulation and, as a result, helps reduce cholesterol formation and indirectly decreases the risk of heart attack.

Improves Digestion

Black radish is known to help in the treatment of digestive disorders. As mentioned above, it  is a wonderful detoxification agent. It also clears toxins from the stomach and helps maintain PH level of the stomach. It improves the bile function enhancing the activity of digestive juices, thereby improving digestion.  The fiber content of black radish helps reduce constipation and promote smooth bowel movement. It also keeps you hydrated and contributes to the maintenance of bowel health.

Increases mental alertness and improves memory

Again, black radish is an excellent  source of potassium and magnesium; both play a big role in maintaining  the chemical balance in the brain. Magnesium and potassium are thought to be memory chargers and help improve mental concentration.


Helps to regulate thyroid

Black radish is rich in Raphanin. Raphanin is a natural enzyme that regulates the secretion and production of thyroid hormones. As a result, this miracle food can be used as a preventive measure against hyper/hypothyroidism. 




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