Becoming Vegetarian

22 years ago I watched a documentary revealing the disgusting, inhumane and heartbreaking way that meat chickens are raised and slaughtered, not unlike these ones.

I made the decision to eat only free-range meat and poultry but because, at the time, it was hard to come by and very expensive, years went by without eating any meat at all. Eventually eating meat lost it’s appeal altogether, although I continued to eat fish and seafood.

After learning a little bit about fish farms, and what organic and free-range really means, I started eating only wild fish and stopped buying eggs and dairy products all together.

I’m not going to lie, I was resistant for some time and tried to reason and justify but the more I learned, the faster I ran out of excuses. Eggs and dairy were the hardest to stop purchasing, but recently our kitchen became 100% free of all and any animal products and I have to say, it was a billion time easier than I thought it would be.

My motivation for becoming vegetarian was humane, but there are many health and even spiritual benefits to cutting down on and cutting out animal products from your diet.

For tips on How to Become Vegetarian click here.

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