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Apple Beet Juice

Santa brought me a juicer for Christmas this year and I am so super excited to juice every possible fruit, vegetable, herb etc… I can cram in there – it’s ridiculous.

For my first experiment I tried an Apple Carrot Beet Combonation with a bit of ginger and lemon. So tasty delicious and beautiful to boot.


2 Apples
1 Carrot
2 Beets
1 chunk of peeled ginger – about an inch long or so depending on how zingy you like it.
1 Splash lemon


Toss it all in the juicer and let the magic happen. Preferably while singing a really cheesy, boastful and victorious song full of self praise over the noise of the juicing machine. It’s best if you can make up your own lyrics but if its’ too early in the morning for creativity, Queen’s We are The Champions or SpongeBob Square pants’ Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Victory will do just fine.


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