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Hello beautiful community,

I just wanted to share a teaser of a tidbit about what it is we have been so busy working on these days. I considered keeping a lid on it until everything was confirmed, up running and ready to launch, but I’m as good at that stuff as I am at keeping all the birthday gifts a surprise until the birthday. 0%.

So here it is:

In preparation for my Gut Health podcast episode, Is your food feeding you or your anxiety?, I created a calming tea called Anti-Anxie-tea. It is so delicious, that I decided to make a batch for two of my daughters, one of whom shared hers at work, which led to coworkers asking if they could order more. Wouldn’t it be cool, I asked myself if I could actually make these teas for people for real…

In preparation for the Gut Health workshop that Care Roy and I teamed up to do together, I created and packaged a

Digestivi-Tea to send to all the participants. I posted a picture of it to promote our workshop series and received more requests to order some.

We also have a heart health workshop coming up soon that I don’t yet have a recipe for, but am working on.

One of my daughters shares my fascination (extreme obsession) with all things plants, only she is definitely the plant whisper. she is studying botany, and her apartment is a virtual jungle.

When I was talking to her about my teas, and the digestive bitters and remedies that I am working on, she had the brilliant idea that we should collaborate, combining her knowledge of growing and nurturing the plants, and my knowledge of their many uses.

Great things are in the works, the garden and in the kitchen and I’m so excited!!

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