Vegan Christmas Cookie Parties

As the holidays approaches inspiration creeps up on me. I visualize baking and decorating mountains of Christmas cookies, packaging them in ornate tins and boxes and decorating them with bows and ribbons. I imagine us dressed in bonnets crinolines and cloaks and distributing them to all our friends and neighbors while singing Christmas carols and… this about the part where my children would disown me.

I usually try to start baking my Christmas cookies well in advance but for the amount of people we have to give them to and the limited amount of time I have to make them in, things tend to get a little rushed, I tend to employ my reluctant (adolescent) children to help and my kitchen starts to look and feel like an assembly line.

Last year, I pulled out all of my favorite Martha Stewart cookie recipes and veganized them. It was so easy and they were SO TASTY!

Here are two ideas to get you inspired and help keep the fun in (and the child slave labour out of), Christmas baking.

Host a vegan cookie tasting party/recipe swap:

Guests arrive with a sample of their favorite vegan Christmas cookie and enough copies of the recipe for everyone.

Host a vegan cookie baking party:

Guests arrive with the recipe and ingredients for their favorite vegan Christmas cookie. Everyone bakes together and everyone goes home with a variety of cookies.

Plan Your Party

* Invitations: Whether sent by mail or email, invitations should arrive about 3 weeks – a month in advance to give recipients sufficient time to plan. Don’t forget to ask each guest to bring (for the tasting party) their best batch of homemade cookies as well as enough copies of the printed recipes for everyone or (for the baking party) the recipe for their favorite Christmas cookie and enough ingredients for everyone to be able to bake and bring some home.

* Supplies: Aside from decorations, you’ll need to make your own batch of cookies. Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Steamed Almond Milk, Pumkin Spice Latees Mulled Wine or whatever else you think will win your bakers over as well as sealable containers for each guest to collect cookies in.

It might be a good idea to have pens and paper or recipe cards on hand for ideas and adjustments.

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