Sweet Vegan

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Some of you may have noticed a theme going on all week long and it was all about today!

For those of you who missed any of our mexican inspired recipes – in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, Here’s a wrap-up


Serve and enjoy cold OR skip the ice and steam the Horchata and pour over a shot of esspresso for a Horchata Latte!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake

A deliciously moist, sweet and spicy sugar skull cake inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate

Vegan Ceviche

I could eat this by the ton. So fresh and delicious! The combination of palm heart and oyster mushroom gives it that “meaty” texture that you get in a seafood Ceviche, without the bad carma, mercury, lead, and PCBs. :)

Cactus Tacos

This is the first time I ever used cactus in a recipe, and I LOVE it! I hope you will too.