Sweet Vegan

Nori Wrap N Roll

These seaweed rice paper wraps make a tasty, filling and fresh snack or light meal.


This recipe is healthy and so easy to make. You can vary the taste by experimenting with the quantities of each ingredient to customize it to your taste.

Peanut Butter Coco-nutty Power bites

These delicious little bites of energy are full of protien and good stuff. The only downside to them is that it’s hard to only eat one.


Serve and enjoy cold OR skip the ice and steam the Horchata and pour over a shot of esspresso for a Horchata Latte!

Vegan Ceviche

I could eat this by the ton. So fresh and delicious! The combination of palm heart and oyster mushroom gives it that “meaty” texture that you get in a seafood Ceviche, without the bad carma, mercury, lead, and PCBs. :)