Sweet Vegan

Peanut Butter Coco-nutty Power bites

These delicious little bites of energy are full of protien and good stuff. The only downside to them is that it’s hard to only eat one.

Coconut Aloe Body Cream

I’m trying to cut back on store bought toiletries and cosmetics, as much as I can these days.
This creamy whipped homemade coconut lotion smells amazing and feels so luxurious on even the driest of skin.

Georges Dutil

Montreal artist, editorial and portrait photographer, Georges Dutil has been photographing passionately for 48 years. He has worked for many well known papers and magazine’s in Quebec and photographed many

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Some of you may have noticed a theme going on all week long and it was all about today!

For those of you who missed any of our mexican inspired recipes – in celebration of Cinco De Mayo, Here’s a wrap-up


Serve and enjoy cold OR skip the ice and steam the Horchata and pour over a shot of esspresso for a Horchata Latte!